Like most great endeavors in life, if you look at the dream or the goal you are trying to accomplish from afar, it looks insurmountable.  There’s just too much to do, too many obstacles, too many challenges.  The interesting thing is that not everyone is trying to climb the same mountain as you and few are willing to believe that they can do it.With all great ventures, one needs three key and very simple ingredients for success… a plan, faith and desire.  One of the things that many of the most successful people have done in their lives to achieve success is simply to copy the formula that others have used to achieve success before them.  This is not rocket science, but it is hard work and one must be prepared to fight through failures and unplanned events to push forward on the dream. One of the things that I tell myself every day is that these stumbling blocks or detours on the road are not in fact failures but experiences that help to build knowledge, wisdom and if learned from and used properly will in fact only assist me in the achievement of the ultimate goal.  In perceiving the world this way, there is no wasted time (unless time is in fact wasted) or misfortune, but only ordained experiences designed to strengthen and help prepare me for the road ahead which is destined to end in success.This is not to say that there isn’t pain and struggle associated with a lot of the things that happen in life, but there is growth and greater understanding with all experiences in life if you are willing to reflect honestly upon them and make sense of how they can be used to better oneself moving forward.  

My road ahead is a long and arduous one and I’m well aware of that.  A lot of things are going to have to happen in order for me to get my music to the world on the level I want to.  But because of my dedication to self-improvement, my faith in God and my belief that all things are possible–I am sure of my future success.  I cannot say what exactly it will look like or how I will be able to quantify it, but I do have stated and written goals and as long as I am fighting for my dreams, being smart about it and moving the ball forward each and every day, I will be able to know I’ve poured myself out and fought for the prize.  In that alone there is great satisfaction.