Really excited about getting the music done soon here and getting it out to you and the world!  I just booked a show at the Margate Winter Fest today with a crowd of 7,000-8,000 which should be good exposure.

Shout out to my buddy Pastor Keith who is a gospel rap artist and lined up the gig.

Today was also very productive in that I’ve had a great discussion with my friend Sergio Cavilieri, one of the guitarists on my album project and a great player, music and video producer and mixer, who will be partnering with me on the marketing and promotions side of things to help drive the fan base and get the ball rolling.  We’re going to collaborate as business partners and it looks like we’ve established a nice understanding so that we’ll be able to work together constructively moving forward.

There’s so much for an artist these days to do and consider. It’s not just about getting signed and having a label make you a star.  Those days have come and gone.  Today you have to be a writer, an artist, a performer, a marketing executive, a fundraiser, a PR person, a social media specialist and so much more in order to be successful–it’s a little daunting.  Having a partner to help me navigate the road ahead and help get stuff done is really going to be helpful–especially one who has owned a label, been in a band that has sold millions of records and is a man of God!  I’m blessed and it’s obvious that God is lighting my path on this project.

Next week we sit down to lay out the Phase 1 marketing strategy and kick it off!  Also, looking forward to laying trumpet at the studio on “To Be Alone With You”, my lovers bossa nova joint, with David Burgos.  And, kicking off “My Time Is Now” with guitarist Dwayne Hoilett (from Code Red, Yellowman, Sly & Robbie) and Code Red band leader Zimma Lewis on bass.  Will be posting video and photos on those sessions on Instagram, FB, Twitter and Snapchat.  Stay tuned….