Welcome to the world of Tenor Blue, singer/songwriter and international reggae artist.   While having been creating his own unique fusion of reggae with R&B, Pop, Jazz and International Music for many years, Tenor Blue is considered by many one of the best new reggae artists of the modern era.  By bringing a roots consciousness and thoughtful lyrics that address the many sides of the human experience to a fresh sound that bounces between  traditional reggae sub-genres such as Lovers Rock and Roots, Tenor mixes in heavy doses of R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop and even Afrobeat to create a vibe that naturally crosses borders, boundaries and cultures to appeal to all walks of life.  

If you love reggae music and are looking for a new reggae artist that can speak to your heart, you're in the right place.  Poised to release his first full length LP entitled "Shades of Blue" in early 2022, Tenor Blue is that new reggae artist that has the ability to both get you out of your seat rocking to the groove and make you stop and look deeper into your own soul.  

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Tenor Blue is an artist that the world needs to know about” - DJGQ (Producer/DJ)